About Us

IndischerTreffpunkt @Stuttgart

Our motto

IndischerTreffpunkt @Stuttgart e.V. ([email protected]) has been established with the primary purpose to preserve and increase awareness of Indian heritage and be the platform for cultural exchange with others by sharing the joy of rich and diverse Indian traditions.

While the overall purpose of the organization is stated above, there are many specific goals that IT @ Stuttgart attempts to fulfil:

  • To provide the platform for connecting the cultural needs of the inhabitants of Stuttgart region with Indian culture.
  • To contribute in advancement of the education of Hindi language, art, culture, heritage and traditions of India.
  • To become an enabler for sojourning professionals/ expats to understand and learn about each other culture.

Our aim is to promote the awareness of cultural diversity by organizing cultural and social events.

Check out our events section to learn more about the past and upcoming events.


Meet the Team

Here is our amazingly motivated and engaged team driving the [email protected] society.

Vorstand Members (from 03.2018):

(left to right – top): Vijay B, Devinder K, Swati R, Sunena S, Rohit J
(left to right – bottom): Niranjan G, Amit K, Arijit C, Alok D


Founding Members:

(from left to right): Rohit J, Devinder K, Niranjan G, Sreenidhi G, Arijit C, Pravin S, Alok D, Kuntal C, Sunena S.